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AAT is a complete treatment system and each level of training offered is a prerequisite for the next. Begin your AAT education with Level 1, then progress to Level 2 and finally, complete your training with Level 3. The best value is our Deluxe package listed below, which includes access to all 3 levels through our online training platform.

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Understanding how the Brain reacts during and following Trauma is the Key to Achieving Better Outcomes. If you are treating patients suffering from Chronic Conditions, You Can't Afford to Miss this Information!

Learn from Leading Neurologist, Traumatologist, Author & International Speaker, Robert Scaer MD.

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90 Minute Lecture

Trauma, the Freeze Response and Its Clinical Syndromes

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In this video series, Dr. Robert Scaer (Neurologist, author and internationally recognized traumatologist and lecturer) discusses Trauma, the Freeze Response and it's Clinical Implications. This information comprises the backbone of science behind the entire Associative Awareness Technique process, and will give you new insights into the complexities of chronic conditions. You simply can't afford to miss this information.

3 Hour Lecture

Trauma, the Freeze Response and Its Clinical Syndromes: The Foundational Principles for the Treatment of Chronic Pain

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Dr. Robert Scaer, leading traumatologist, neurologist, author and international lecturer discusses in depth the clinical implications of Trauma and the Freeze Response. This comprehensive lecture covers information imperative for you to understand and apply the concepts of Associative Awareness Techniques™. The information provided within this lecture series is intriguing and provacative, and for many of you will represent your first glimpse into a neurological model of wellness as opposed to traditional biomechanical thinking. If you treat (or suffer from) chronic conditions, then you can't afford to miss this information.

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