Professional Testimonials

"I took the AAT™ course with Ernie in early June this year. I was really impressed at how logically the information was presented. I was equally impressed with the ease of implementing the technique and how easy it was on myself and my hands. The results I have seen are nothing short of amazing. With confidence I can say that now I have a tool to reach those clients that I could not help with any other approach that I have tried. Thanks again Ernie and Scott."

"The AAT™ treatment system levels the playing field between practitioners and pain. It provides a complete and logical explanation for many pains that don't realistically fit into the biomechanical explanation given by medical professionals. I have been a physical therapist for 13 years. I'm certified in manual therapy, a board certified orthopedic specialist and a doctor of physical therapy. I am not new to helping people with pain and injuries. AAT™ is not just a series of techniques, it is a world of its own, and when put next to more traditional treatments it completes the practitioner. When I evaluate patients now, I look from two sets of eyes: The eyes of the biomechanical physical therapist and the eyes from the Associative Awareness Technique™ practitioner. Both are equally important in my clinic. You wouldn't want to build a house with bricks and no cement, and you shouldn't try to get your patients pain to go away without AAT™."

"If you have at some point in your career felt like you didn't know where a particular patient's pain was coming from, or it just didn't make sense because it "hopped" around their body, then you are ready to learn AAT™. "

"If you are not satisfied with yourself and other medical professionals telling your patients that they have pain because of old age or it's just "in their head", then you are ready to learn AAT™. "

"If you're tired of blaming arthritis for every pain or the weather for every fluctuation in pain intensity, then you're ready to learn AAT™. "

"If you're tired of giving your patients answers for their pain that will just keep them quiet so as not to put you on the spot anymore, but deep down you really don't believe your own words, then you are ready to learn AAT™. "

"If you're wondering why or how a person could be so unlucky as to have four different injuries and pains in four different body parts all at the same time, then you're ready to learn AAT™. "

"If you just want an explanation that makes sense and the science to back it up, then you're ready to learn AAT™."

"The BEST part of learning Associative Awareness Technique is that Scott and Ernie have covered all the areas needed to get amazing results consistently."
Dr. Robert Morea
Owner of The Physical Therapy Doctor, P.C.
Bayside, NY

"As a physician and spiritual teacher I am sold on AAT™. My physician experience is with Veterans from all eras of war. I finally have a way to address the autonomic up-regulation that drives the chain reaction of insomnia, anxiety, hyper-vigilance and emotional numbing as well as the feedback loop that drives their chronic pain."

"AAT™ accesses the largest organ of the body, the skin, to stimulate growth hormone allowing various forms of touch used in the treatment to unwind the nervous system. Just being able to close ones eyes without fear is a relief. "

"With Reflexercise™, the hourly flooding of the brain with grateful chemicals in the relaxation posture allows brain/body re-patterning to replace the fight, flight, freeze patterns present from prior trauma and pervasive stress."

"Reflexercise™ is truly transformative because this simple practice changes the continuous messaging into the amygdala of the brain. The brain/body connection is soothed and homeostasis is restored for maxim healing on physical, emotional and spiritual levels."

"Personally, my son Peter locked his right knee last week during a freak accident. Autonomic up regulation was automatic for all of us since he had major reconstructive surgery and extensive rehab 5 yr ago after locking his left knee. What are the odds? This time we were able to mobilize the knee quickly,ice and brace it but I also treated him with AAT™. 2 days later his mri was clear. It is a miracle that his lateral meniscus was not torn as happens in 95% of locked knee cases. We expected the same sequence of surgery and physical therapy but AAT™ calmed his system to allow healing in a way not available with other holistic treatments. My husband dislocated his hip skiing this past winter and is back to running and biking after 6 months without any problems. Although severe muscular and ligamentous damage was present on his MRI he has healed quickly and without any setbacks with regular AAT™ treatments. Autonomic nervous system regulation is key for healing health issues. Rebooting the autonomic nervous system allows the body's natural recapitulation of wellness to occur. This simple treatment is well tolerated by patients and has created a huge paradigm shift in my approach to patients as well as my family."

"Thank you, Scott and Ernie, for developing this healing process that is making such an impact in my approach to wellness and whole person health."
Christine O'Brien, DO
Cheyenne Veterans Administration Medical Center

"Associative Awareness Technique has changed my life. I am a Combat Veteran and a Survivor of Domestic Violence. I was recently diagnosed with PTSD and required a daily regimen of anti-depressants, sleeping pills and medications to relieve pain. I sustained injuries in the military that have resulted in chronic low back pain severe enough for me to be considered a Disabled Veteran, limiting my ability to do my job and perform daily activities. I have been involved in very intense individual and group therapy for over a year now. I spent thousands of dollars and have had numerous diagnostic tests such as MRIs, X-rays and ultrasounds trying to find the cause of my chronic abdominal pain. The only answers I got from my physicians were, "We are not sure", it's probably "IBS". So, I continued to have abdominal cramps along with other uncomfortable and inconvenient problems. "

"My initial motivation for attending the AAT™ workshop in Colorado was to become certified to treat my clients. I never expected to experience what I did or to return to North Carolina a "healed" woman. Until that day, I didn't realize how my past traumas had been so significantly impacting my quality of life. I had received 4 or 5 treatments before I attended the workshop. By the 7th treatment in Colorado, something miraculous happened. I can only describe it by saying that my brain took over and for 20 minutes or more; I experienced an unbelievable series of very intense discharges. By the end, I was physically and emotionally exhausted. However, at that moment, I knew something "unimaginable" had just happened. I knew from that point on that my life would never be the same – and it hasn't been!"

"I found it hard initially to describe to others this experience and how I was feeling emotionally and physically. I described it for a while by saying that I felt like "I was in someone else's body and that I was floating!" I have had an overwhelming since of peace, tranquility and clarity. Since that day, I have slept peacefully every night having very vivid, yet pleasant dreams. My body is pain free, with the exception of a little reminder every now and then that I do have some normal aging processes going on, but nothing like before. I have discontinued all my PTSD medications. It is very evident that my performance at work and overall sense of well-being are profoundly better. My doctors are amazed and somewhat "surprised" with my recovery, but very supportive. "

"I will be forever grateful to Scott and Ernie for caring enough to develop and share this life changing treatment with the world and to Louie for loving me enough to make this all happen for me!!"
Gail Orrin, MS, CES, CSCS
Exercise Physiologist

"I took the seminar in Associative Awareness Technique™ (AAT™) less than two months ago. AAT™ is remarkably easy to learn and implement. After a short learning curve in the clinic, I am now seeing results similar to what the instructors claim. Here are just two of many examples I could give about the effectiveness of AAT™: The first is a Workers Compensation patient with a nine-year history of chronic neck pain since a severe fall. All interventions including spinal stabilization surgery had failed. After six visits his Neck Disability Index score had improved from 52% (severe disability) to 30% (moderate disability). "

"The second example concerns a woman with a 21-year history of chronic pain and Fibromyalgia since a severe auto accident. My colleagues and I had treated her off and on over the years with modest but temporary success. After the fifth visit of AAT™ she stated that she had no pain and that this was the best she had felt since the auto accident."

"After 31 years as a physical therapist, I finally have an effective way to help with people with chronic pain. I might add that the word is spreading slowly in our clinic and community so we are seeing a steady increase in referrals for chronic pain. Someday soon I may treat nothing else."
Chris Cotter, PT
Urbana Physical Therapy
Urbana, Ohio

"I have been using the principles of AAT™ since October of 2010. In a word, it's a game changer. It is the missing link to a lot of chronic problems. It has entirely changed the way I practice. You can now understand why those difficult patients don't get better and you will no longer look at them the same way. I used to cringe when those very complex chronic patients would come in. Now I love it. The more bizarre things they have going on, the better. Why? Because they all fit into the model of problems caused by an autonomic nervous system that has gone awry, and I know I have something to offer them. The principles of AAT™ will change the way that you look at, think about, and treat these people. It will compliment other successful techniques that you have used in the past. In the right person, it will make a life changing difference; one that will impact them and you so much more than getting a skier back on the slopes after an ACL reconstruction. These patients have usually been through the mill, and when you can affect a dramatic positive change in their life, it is a very humbling and powerful thing. Is it the answer to everyone's problem? No. Is it the cure for all your chronic patients? No. But I believe it can benefit every single person. And, it can be a very important piece of the puzzle, and often the missing link, that allows the other pieces to fit together. For the right person, AAT™ can be life changing. I would highly recommend the AAT™ course to anyone who is looking for answers to the more difficult, chronic patients. You will not be disappointed. "
Rick Stockwell, PT/ATC

"I attended the AAT™ seminar in Colorado in February 2011 and it was so incredible that I wanted to bring Scott and Ernie to Utah to teach my staff. Prior to the AAT™ seminar I dreaded working with patients that were complex and fit into the chronic pain category. The information presented at the AAT™ seminar has helped me to understand how these patients ended up in this position and how our current mechanical approaches to treating them were not effective. The AAT™ treatments are easy to administer and the results have truly been amazing. We have seen many miraculous changes in our patients as a result of these treatments. It has been great having one more tool to help patients that previously I was not able to help. "
Jonathan Rhodes, PT

"I want to share how learning AAT™ has changed my perspective on my work. I primarily treat patients who have failed prior therapy but even so, there are those chronic patients we all dread, not because of how difficult we perceive the patient to be (although that can have some merit!) but how we do not have the tools to help some of them. We recognize them from their demeanor and history. Victims, extended history of multiple injuries, vague non specific complaints, somatic presentation that far exceeds the injury, unable to identify what increases and decreases pain. I actually look forward to these folks coming through my door now as I delight in the difference I can make with AAT™. Today a worker in the neurosurgeon's office across the hall came in desperate for help. Very nice lady, (non-victim) with a long history of Fibromyalgia and IBS who usually deals with it like a trooper. She rated her pain 8/10 (and she is usually minimizes her pain rating). She was considering the ER because she was so miserable. I told her about AAT™ and had her come back 2 hours later when I had a cancellation. Using the tools you taught me, I treated her and when we were done, her eyes got big and she reported she felt better than she had in years. She was shocked. She rated her pain 0/10 and that included her abdominal pain. Thank you for all the work you have done to put together this material in an easy to learn but incredibly effective manner. After over 30+ years in practice, to learn something this revolutionary and effective (that I could put into practice walking back into the clinic the next day to treat folks I was not helping) is a blessing. After 30 years I still look forward to treating patients every day."

"Thank you for all you do to promote and share new information."
Sandra J. Pomeroy, PT

"I would highly recommend the Associative Awareness Technique™ (AAT™) course to every practitioner. "

"As a manual therapist, my comfort level was with joint mobilizations, soft tissue work, and various hands on techniques. At first, AAT™ was stepping way outside the box for me. However, due to the ease of applying the techniques, I was able to fully use the treatment on my existing patients Monday after the course. The results I have achieved with my chronic patients have astonished me, and at times have blown me away. One patient came to me after his first treatment reporting that for the first time in 6 years he was at 0/10 pain upon arising in the morning. By consistently using the Reflexercise™ exercises at home, he has been averaging about 3 points lower on the pain scale than before. What a great additional tool for my practice. "
Mark Kahl, Physical Therapist

"As a physical therapist working with primarily chronic pain, multiple trauma and other complicated "train wreaks" I very much appreciate AAT™. The technique is easy to learn, easy to perform and is so easy on my hands (which, after 30 years, are almost worn out). My patients love it, it is improving their quality of life in ways I have not been able to consistently impact before like sleep, anxiety level and tolerance for the ups and downs of life. Patients report pain levels are lower as well. AAT™ is changing the way I practice; it has become my "go to first" technique. Thanks Ernie and Scott!"
Lisa Newberry, P.T., C.M.T.

"I took the AAT™ course in early June this year. I was really impressed at how logically the information was presented. I was equally impressed with the ease of implementing the technique and how easy it was on myself and my hands. The results I have seen are nothing short of amazing. With confidence I can say that now I have a tool to reach those clients that I could not help with any other approach that I have tried. Thanks again Ernie and Scott."
Jim Krupar, PT

"On the Monday after the course, I went to my clients home for a session and the first thing out of her mouth was how she was hurting all over. I did a 40 minute AAT™ session on her and she felt so good that she wrote me a check for $1,000 for 10 sessions of AAT™. This Sunday I have 8, 30 minute sessions lined up including a Chiropractor that is bringing his father, he just had hip replacement about 3 months ago. He was also excited about me using words like "Amygdala" "the Reptilian Complex" who knows? Anyway, I am so excited that people are very responsive to trying it and I am confident I can deliver, thanks to you guys."

"I wanted to let you know what has happened with a couple of my patients. First of all, the woman who was in the motorcycle accident that has had 21 surgeries since last July is doing marvelous. I just couldn't believe the difference the techniques have made in this woman's life. She was so sold on results that she asked me to work on her husband who was also in the accident and suffered a broken back. He had so much anxiety that he couldn't return to work even though physically he was doing pretty good. After the second session he told me he was returning to work next week. Yahoooooooo! I talked to him at great length how important the Reflexercise™ exercises were going to be to help him keep his anxiety at bay especially that first week back to work. I have one more session with him tomorrow. He has had some good discharges as has his wife."

"The techniques learned at the seminar have been fun to implement. I have done at least 2-3 per day so far. I have had to do the 20 minute ones because of time constraints. I have seen some interesting success however. I have had several patients show up feeling so frustrated with their lack of progress and feeling like they are not completely overcoming their issues. When we talk of their life stressors and traumas that they have experienced it became clear to me that they needed AAT™. I have had 3 or 4 WOW moments with patients and the others were still positive responses but more muted. I need to get the music playing in the room and set my schedule to allow more time to perform the techniques. I will say this, it was easy to implement on Monday as you guys said it would be. I could easily remember the order of things and I haven't had to crack the book yet to make sure I was doing things correctly."

"A colleague of mine that will be taking the course after I treated her has been in chronic low back pain for 10 years. As a matter of fact, she was injured in the military. After one treatment she is pain free, she could not believe it and it has now been two weeks. She is telling everyone she knows and is looking forward to running again. The last one is a client that just finished her 5th treatment, feels like a million dollars and gave me a nice video testimonial that I hope to post on my web site soon."

"First, the results have been almost miraculous! One client was sent to me to see if I could help strengthen her "core" whatever that means? She comes in afraid to bend or twist, her Chiro told her not to bend or twist, as we say here in Carolina, What the hell? She has not been able to tie her shoes for about 4 months. So, I explained the concept of AAT™ to her and did one treatment on her. What an incredible release she had, mainly gurgling and low back, she ask me what I did? She got up and walked around in disbelief, she sat on a low bench and started to tie her shoes without thinking, her partner said to her "what are you doing?" She could not believe it either. She went home and slept for 11 hours."
L.A., Exercise Physiologist

"I have miracles to tell you about - the hairdresser who had pain from a MVA 2 years ago, conventional treatment. When I got back from the course one of my other PTs asked me to try it. The first session she said it was like a switch was shut off and the pain has been gone ever since. She is diligent about Reflexercise™ and because of the hairdresser work, she needs to do it several times a day to hold "the balance". I treated her with AAT™ 3 times and she is really great. The miracles continue..."
D.R., Physical Therapist

"'Whoooo hoooo' am I having fun today! Did Reflax™ on my first two patients this morning and it worked wonderfully. This is the technique I have been looking for. Thanks so much for the great class, your insight and expertise. It was a great weekend and I am grateful for all you did to make it happen."

"So far this week, I have treated 2 physiatrists and I have a psychiatrist on the schedule next week. The 2 docs I treated were blown away. One of them has severe chronic pain, has a neurostimulator and he said it was the most relaxed he has felt in years. Another one of my patients has had a ton of trauma in her life. She has a diaphragm that will not relax and during our session she must have had 200 diaphragm contractions associated with silent sobbing. When she came out of the room she did a little dance and said, "I feel as though one of the layers has been taken off." I am so excited about this I can hardly contain myself. This is the missing puzzle piece I have been searching for."

"Another story of AAT™ success: Female client with an unexplained knee pain, she has had an MRI, Chiropractic care, PT, Massage, Neuromuscular therapy and still with pain. First AAT™ treatment 50% reduction in pain, second treatment 90% reduction and third treatment NO PAIN, first time in over a year. She was also very diligent in performing her Reflexercise™, and is now going on two months pain free. This AAT™ Technique really works. Good luck with it."

"The most frequent feedback I am getting is that sleep quality is improved dramatically after AAT™. People who have not slept well for years are reporting that they are now sleeping through the night and sleeping deeply. One of the things I am noticing is that this technique is so gentle and kind I don't think my patients realize just how powerful it is. One of my patients has a history of sexual abuse, 5 major car accidents and a very stressful job. After the last car accident she has had horrific left shoulder pain. Range of motion has been severely limited and pain through the roof. She's had injections etc. with no result. After one treatment with AAT™, her range of motion was normal, pain gone and she was spontaneously using her left arm for the first time in months. I was thrilled with the result and asked her what she thought was the difference. She told me that it must be because she went fishing. (Never mind that she has been fishing throughout this ordeal and never had any improvement) I just laugh."
L.N., Physical Therapist

"I do have to tell you all a story about one of my pts that I kind of blew off as a... yes-this-seems-to-help-relax-her-but-isn't-really-changing-symptoms... patient. I see her in conjunction with my PTA so I don't always see her. I went to discharge her from home health the other day and she looked up and me and told me that the last treatment I gave her (total AAT™ at her home with her supine cross wise on the end of her bed) totally changed her whole outlook?!!? She had been quite depressed because of this and that and she wasn't making as much progress as she wanted and pain, etc... she said the treatment gave her "the lift" that she needed. She felt "transformed". She even turned to her daughter and said... "yay, I've been a different person since that treatment, haven't I?" Her daughter turned to her and agreed... I then taught her daughter Reflax™ to do with her daily."
A.B., Physical Therapist

"I just have to share this, because it is so fascinating! I have a young grandma (like 48) who has been through some serious trauma. Many years ago, she broke the windshield of her car with her face, knees into dash, at 7 months pregnant! No seat belt, but this saved her baby! She remembers nothing, and gladly her baby is now a young woman. She was however, some years later, thrown from a horse, losing consciousness and braking tailbone. 3 days later, her son dies. Holy Moly! She has the typical story of pain in several areas, no "cause", and was told she was crazy, all in her head. Not yet diagnosed with Fibro, but this is tossed around, much to her dismay. She finally found this referring physician who 'gets it'! Long story short, AAT™ is giving her the validation by drawing out these discharges that are long overdue. Her abdomen ROLLED, and flopped like she was pregnant! She has had 2 treatments, and so much discharge, visions, emotions later in the day, but as soon as she experiences it, it drops away! No lingering negative feelings. I'm so in awe, and just have to thank the higher power that brought this to my hands! She is excited and so am I. So many other great stories, but so little time. Thanks Gang! "
R.H. Physical Therapist

"Since returning from attending an AAT™ seminar in Colorado, my life has been 'crazy', in a good way. Professionally, I have been giving treatments almost daily. My current clients have been more than gracious in volunteering their time and bodies to allow me to practice my new skills. I spent almost 5 hours this past Saturday treating my family. I was exhausted, but they were excited about experiencing some pain relief and I have to say, a couple of them slept for 2 – 3 hours after the treatments."

"On a personal note, I can't begin to explain how I feel. I feel like I am in someone else's body! I have had an overwhelming sense of peace, tranquility and clarity. I have slept peacefully every night having very vivid, yet pleasant dreams. My body is pain free, with the exception of a little reminder every now and then that I do have some disc degeneration going on, but nothing like before. I decided not to take any of the medicines that my doctor's at the VA prescribed for managing PTSD. That has gone very well. I have done very well at work and home without any medications for depression/anxiety, pain or sleep disorder. My doctor and I did speak briefly about it just today, but we didn't go into much detail about AAT™. She agrees I should continue without the medicines, but "with caution". What Ever!! I say "AAT™ ALL THE WAY SISTER"!!"

"I met with my Therapist at the VA today for our monthly session. She didn't hesitate to tell me the positive difference she could see in me from just a few weeks ago. I tried to describe what I experienced at the AAT™ seminar. We had an interesting conversation which I would love to share with you at another time."

"Thank you again for everything!"
G.O., Exercise Physiologist

Patient Testimonials

"My daughter who is a high school all-American swimmer injured her back and was experiencing excruciating pain that kept her from training. Her doctor put her on pain medication and referred her to a local physical therapist, none of which relieved the pain. Desperate to get her back into the pool, I called my physical therapist friend in Ohio. He immediately recommended AAT™, stating that after one session, my daughter would be pain free. I was a bit skeptical but willing to try anything. It was definitely worth the 200 mile round-trip journey! AAT™ is nothing short of miraculous. My daughter was pain-free after just one session! She was anxious to get back into the pool after being away from competition for nearly 5 weeks. To date, she is still pain free and able to do flip-turns once again. I just wish that I had found AAT™ sooner. It's phenomenal."

"For several years I had a feeling of being disconnected at the waist. Above my waist was fine, but below it was sometimes numb and at other times wouldn't stop moving - kind of like bugs crawling on my legs. I had heard about restless leg syndrome from a patient that comes to our office and wondered if that was what I had. I saw a neurologist who confirmed the diagnosis and put me on medication, which didn't help so he increased it to the highest dose you can safely take. It only gave minimal relief. I had AAT™ performed on me and to my amazement, it worked. Since the day he worked on me, I have not had to take any medication at all. What a relief. I have always believed in alternative "medicine" but what AAT™ has to offer is fantastic!!!!!! "

"We have used AAT™ on two separate occasions now for our 15 year old daughter. First was when she suffered a grade 3 concussion and was bothered with post concussive symptoms that she could not get rid of. Ernie performed AAT™ on her and she went from having nagging post concussive symptoms (i.e. headaches, irritability, tiredness, etc) when she walked into the office to being symptom free at the conclusion of our appointment."

"Associative Awareness Techniques™ are second to none! I experienced immediate and sustained relief from both short-term (car accident) and chronic pain in just one visit. I am literally a changed individual, both physically and mentally, in just over a month, and am thrilled with the results! "

"I was determined to find a treatment that alleviated my chronic pain and one that would help me manage it. After one session of AAT™, I immediately noticed a significant decrease in my pain and an increase in the mobility of my neck. I was amazed at the results. After weeks following that one treatment, I still enjoy the benefits of this session. I have not taken any anti-inflammatory medications or pain relievers. I have little to no pain in my neck. What I like most about the AAT™ approach is that I am given means to manage my pain through an exercise program designed to assist with my problem areas. I have recommended this treatment to my family and friends who suffer from chronic pain. I am so happy with the continued results."

"Dealing with constant pain in my right foot for six months after a severe break and major surgery and many rounds of traditional physical therapy, I found myself looking for an answer, a cure, a miracle. I then found AAT™. After just my first visit with Scott, the pain had decreased by 50% from when I walked in the door! Within 3 visits I was able to get back to my active lifestyle that I had put on hold for the past 6 months. AAT™ was the answer, the cure, the miracle I was looking for. My only regret is not knowing AAT™ sooner."

"My AAT™ sessions have helped me immensely! These treatments are very relaxing and help you control everything in an accessible way. You learn methods to control how you go about everyday life and situations between stress and anything that comes up. After a treatment, it is very helpful throughout the day no matter what comes up. AAT™ treatments have been very helpful. For those of you thinking of trying it, take a chance and try it and see what he can do for you! It has been very beneficial for me, I have gone from so much pain to allowing myself to go play and have a good time without worrying about all the pain. I can use the techniques every day sitting at a desk, sitting watching TV and lying in bed."

"My experience with AAT™ has been unbelievable, just over the top excellent. Right down from treatment for my first injury to helping with other areas in my life. AAT™ has taught me techniques to make sure that going forward I can continue to make sure I don't have to be in this position again. On top of that, I learned specialized nervous system balancing techniques that are unbelievable! From the moment treatment begins, I am just amazingly relaxed. I am truly grateful for this experience! Thanks!!"