AAT™ Program for Individuals
Guided AAT™ Training

For anyone interested in receiving additional support and instruction while learning the AAT™ treatment process at home, we are putting together a landmark program for you.

It's called our "AAT™ Guided Training" program, and will provide you the tools necessary to achieve maximum results in the privacy of your own home.

This program will include all the training materials offered through our AAT™ Online Training program for Individuals, PLUS access to live webinar meetings with the founders of AAT™ to guide you through each level of AAT™ and address questions along the way.

This program is as close as it gets to learning the steps of AAT™ from a trained practitioner, and is intended for anyone that wishes more guidance in learning and implementing the life tools of AAT™ from home.

Check back soon to find out more about this program, as we will be launching this unique opportunity very shortly. For anyone wishing to sign up and be the first to hear about this opportunity, please enter your name and email below. We will contact you as soon as the program is ready.